Exclusive Video Premiere From “Last Days Here”

Much of Bobby Liebling’s life seems completely improbable. The Pentagram singer, despite a decades-long battle with drug addiction, is alive today and still performing. And Pentagram’s musical career/trajectory has been even more bizarre. Starting in the early ’70s, the band has experienced tumultuous lineup changes (and break-ups), botched recording deals and enough drama for a dozen bands. And, yet, somehow they have churned out seminal albums, like the Decibel Hall of Fame inductee Relentless, that have cemented their reputation as being one of the pre-eminent doom bands.

It’s the kind of story made for the movies, right? Thanks to filmmakers Don Argott (Rock School, The Art of the Steal) and Demian Fenton—both members of the metal band Serpent Throne—the whole sordid Pentagram story is being brought to the big screen in the documentary, Last Days Here, which opens in New York City at the IFC Center this Friday, March 2 (with a national release to follow). Much of the drama surrounding Pentagram’s career has clearly revolved around Liebling—he’s the only original member in the band now—so not surprisingly, his getting sober and getting the band back on track is at the heart of the film.

Last Days Here Trailer from Decibel Magazine on Vimeo.

If Last Days Here doesn’t make it to your town/city/burg, don’t worry, It’ll also be available nationwide on Sundance Selects’ video-on-demand platform, available to over 50 million homes in all major markets. So, without further ado, we’ll tantalize you with this clip from the movie, provided exclusively to Decibel.