Ryan Adams Pimps Black Metal (And A New Alt-Country Album)

Ever wondered what a You Can’t Do That On Television skit full of jokes about black metal would look like?
Well, so has alt-country crooner/Mandy Moore arm candy Ryan Adams, apparently: His new internet show “Night Sweats” marries over the top disheveled chic and a dash of self-deprecation with Fenriz jokes, corpsepaint, a synthpop loving slice of talking pizza, and a playlist that features Burzum, Satyricon, and Emperor.

Would the show be better if Alanis Morrisette played Balphazar? Probably. But it is still an odd enough duck to warrant embedding the Halloween episode below.

Also, while Shane Mehling ably took the piss out of Adams’ metal release Orion a couple years back, the dude’s cover of Maiden’s “Wasted Years” is pretty fucking flawless by my lights.

Adams’ latest record is Ashes & Fire. On tour for it, he’s covering Dio…