Black Insect Laughter present: “Top 5 albums to download before they shut down the internet”

The sirens have sounded, and gears too big to comprehend are turning. In the wake of MegaUpload swallowing a massive Viral Load, it’s time to hurry up and download anything at all that you think you might need in your music catalog. It’s crunch time. Our laissez faire internet and “music is free attitude” may someday be shattered by whatever nazi-communist forces are fucking with the good vibrations. One way or another, our liberal pinko internet will go the way of tube televisions and everything else. So hurry up and cash in. Shit, you pay for the internet, don’t you?
To get you started, I had one of my favorite music blogs, Black Insect Laughter, present their top five DLs. Appropriately, most of his files got taken down yesterday, by “them.” Which only serves to illustrate the point that you better hurry up and make that lemonade.

Albums that I always think everyone has but have found out not to be the case:

1. The Stooges – Raw Power
In 1973, this album burst out with distorted metal/proto-punk guitar riffs and vocals that sounded like they had been lifted from a primal scream therapy session. Fuck all the music historians, this kick-started punk!

[not pictured]

2. The Sex Pistols – Never Mind The Bollocks
When was the last time you played this? Do so now!

Albums that were released last year that should be heard:

3. Rational Animals – Bock Rock Parade
Hardcore and noise-rock crossed with Greg Ginn guitar work from the later Black Flag era – thrilling stuff. (Note: This album really is thrilling. – FL)

4. Arabrot – Solar Anus
Jesus Lizard song structures meet Melvins style sludge – add lashings of hardcore with throat shredding bellowing and heavy as fuck guitar work, this is a fearsome beast. (Note: This album is also very good. It got a good review. – FL)

Album that I would normally avoid:

5. Wolves In The Throne Room – Celestial Linage
Does this prove the “hipster” tag is correct? BM leaves me cold but something about this album just did it for me.