We Like ‘Girls Don’t Like Metal’

As any old schooler can attest to, gender equality in metal has never been better. But that doesn’t mean there still isn’t a very vocal contingent of the ever expanding scene that thinks chicks are dumb sluts who only go to shows because they’re drawn by the arousing potpourri of dread, sweat and a beer shit someone took in the unisex bathroom.
So it’s nice to see a column such as Girls Don’t Like Metal, which aims to give a monolithic middle finger to every lonely chode who thinks only men can dissect the subtle nuances of pig squeals.

This particular interview is with Kim Kelly, who you may know from her incredible music writing, her PR company Catharsis or that one time I emailed her thinking she was a dude (again, sorry about that.)

This isn’t a puff piece, but instead shows that not only can women talk about metal but they can talk about it in a trvly inspiring fashion:

It’s hard to explain to the uninitiated, but that strangeness, otherness, the darkness that permeates our world and keeps us isolated from the mainstream—it’s really fucking special.

And no, she wasn’t wearing a bikini when she wrote that.