STREAMING: The Devil’s Blood “Die the Death”

Self-described “occult rock” outfit The Devil’s Blood garnered a fair amount of attention on 2008’s Come Reap EP. Now that time separates Come Reap from The Devil’s Blood’s lauded debut, 2009’s The Time Of No Time Evermore, the mysterious, Fenriz-approved Dutch duo has prepared yet another ritual in the form of The Thousandfold Epicentre, a rollocking adventure somewhere between early ’80s heavy metal and ’70s Canterbury scene.
But The Devil’s Blood is more than just a throwback group aimed to rekindle lava lamp escapades and Renn Faire nostalgia. Nah, there’s a bit more substance to The Thousandfold Epicentre. Sure, frontwoman F is also known as the “The Mouth of Satan” — which is interesting ’cause in Christian mythos King Evil is often depicted as a man with a gigantic winky — but if you separate The Devil’s Blood’s plasma-covered stage antics and ritualistic tendencies — which ideally shouldn’t be separated too far from the music — The Devil’s Blood offers a breath of fresh air in the scene of which they aren’t really a part. Kind of like Sweden’s Ghost, but, hey, we’re talking The Devil’s Blood here.

OK, with black candles covered in the blood of some unfortunate soul, curtains drawn, and Mötley Crüe’s “In the Beginning” fading, we bring you The Devil’s Blood new tune, “Die the Death”.

The Devil’s Blood – Die the Death by Decibel Magazine

** The Devil’s Blood’s new full-length, The Thousandfold Epicentre, is out January 17th on Metal Blade Records. It’s available HERE, where Fenriz — atop his unbacked, swivel office chair — listens and promotes occult-centric music from the deepest recesses of the undieground.