Late Christmas gift to self? Buy Mitch Harris’ guitars

OK, some of you won’t be reading this. No, you’ll be too busy trying out all that gnarly shit that fat Santa and his team of Jawa slaves brought you, right, cross-legged in front of a screen eviscerating pixellated alien invasions, or maybe, if you reside in the boondocks of the Southern states you’ll be gunning down the real thing, emptying clip after clip from from your brand new piece into a Skunk-Ape sasquatch, planetary origin unknown.
BUT, if you are like us poor folks at the Deciblog and your haul of Christmas presents began at socks and ended with a bottle of beyond-disgusting black cherry-flavoured Jim Beam (undrinkable, now abandoned at “party flat” FYI), you may be in the market for the gift that keeps on giving. You can check out the awesome guitar selection at Musician’s Friend or you can get a one-of-a-kind guitar if you have the coin. Depending on how much cash you’ve reamed from carolling or from benevolent aunts or holiday season dope deals, you may want to put in a bid for Mitch Harris’ guitar(s). Yes, Mitch Harris from Napalm Death is selling off his custom-built Moser V, as used on The Code is Red Long Live the Code.

Guitar nerds will be aware that Mitch ordinarily uses a white Gibson V, or more recently a black Gibson Les Paul Custom, but this Moser Flying V, which looks kinda chewed out what with all the inside-the-V contouring, is a bit of a change of pace. Moser guitars is run by Neal Moser, formerly of BC Rich; they crafted Evile’s Ol Drake’s guitar of choice, and this is kinda a similar deal. Hey, if we were trying to pimp this sale and help Mitch save up for that out-of-fiscal-reach Cryptic Slaughter 7″ or a family size jar of Manuka honey to salve post-gig throat (that shit’s expensive), we would maybe say something like: Buy yourself a piece of musical history.

Anyways, spec-wise it has a Floyd Rose locking vibrato, so all you shredders looking to pinch out a squeal can get yours, and besides, it’s one of a kind.

Here’s a clip of it in action:

Mitch is also selling off his white Charvel super-Strat from circa-Harmony Corruption/Utopia Banished.

Here’s a clip of that in action:

You can put in an offer by messaging Mitch on Facebook, way better than poking him, and less weird too.

Any spare cash you have left over should maybe be held in reserve for Feb 28th when Napalm Death’s 14th full-length Utilitarian drops through Century Media.