STREAMING: Riotgod “Firebrand”

It’s not often we bring you a bit of rock swagger. Mostly it’s darkly blasts, noisy grinds, or the brutalest of death that streams to the masses on the Deciblog. Mostly. Today, three days after an old fat dude in a puffy candy cane outfit dropped a deuce or two (socks, no-market cologne, lottery tickets, etc.) under our respective weihnachtsbaums, the Deciblog is bringing the rock. Hard rock in the form of Riotgod, a band formed by Monster Magnet’s Bob Pantella and Jim Baglino. And we’re definitely down with Monster Magnet, as indicated in our awesomely awesome Hall of Fame induction of Dopes to Infinity.
Frontman Mark Sunshine supplied the following quote. Read it, get your groovy pants, on and turn “Firebrand” up to, well, 12. “A set of beings, in an environment, a kind of diorama positioned in between fear and optimism: representations. One looking back while looking forward, resting on whatever laurels it has left. A scene of bounty upset. Another being possessing the energy of dream and desire, watches from his position, having weathered denial and confusion, but overall feeling entirely alien in regard to what he views. Faint reverberations, dying meek echoes from the music of false promises fades as the sun and moon fly so fast in the sky there is no day or night but simple epileptic flashes. Like time lapse film revealing warring anemones.”

Riotgod – Firebrand by Decibel Magazine

** Riotgod’s new album, Invisible Empire, is out January 31, 2012 on Metalville Records. Pre-order it HERE, or rock with your cock out in Carteret, New Jersey. And you don’t want that, trust us.