Did Zakk Wylde Tell Someone to Kill the President?

No, no he didn’t. But some nutcase swears he did.
James Vernon McVay, who rocks my favorite kind of tattoos- all faded and shitty, slashed the throat of a 75-year-old hospice nurse as the first step in his foolproof plan of driving to Washington DC to assassinate President Obama.

And now after being caught he’s explaining that he had to do it, you see — because infamous cult Black Label Society told him to.

He name checked Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity as inspirations (natch), but gives most of the credit to Wylde’s demonic clan. On his way to DC, he “Literally pledged my allegiance to Lucifer as I sat under the bridge by Sertoma Park listening to Zak Wild (sic) … waiting for my instructions from on high.”

Per the Gauntlet, Wylde tweeted about the incident with, “Black Label Society is a Rock Band — no further comment.”

So there you go, another group of hard rockers gets the awesome distinction of being a supposed front for a Satanic doomsday cult, when really they’re just a front for awful music, ugly t-shirts and whiskey.

And that guy from Gnaw Their Tongues just sits around waiting for the phone to ring…