True Widow – A Top Five From The Soft Side

My mind has been bothering me a lot lately, and I’ve been trying to erase it or dull it for weeks. I know that marijuana and shoegaze is a good way to lose long spans of time, so I contacted my contact about having sleepwalk-champions True Widow create me a top five to numb my mind. I was thinking I’d get some endlessly building, Spaceman Five-type drone jawns.
I got something else entirely. I have never even heard of any of these bands besides the Blues Explosion. Here are Top 5 Go-To Bands, as presented by D.H. Phillips, guitarist and vocalist of True Widow:

Sometimes I hate music. But I want to listen to it anyway. Nothing on the shelf or on my ipod looks good. But there are a few records that will never get old and always satisfy. In no particular order:

5. Stereolab – Peng, Refried Ectoplasm, Switched On
I love Stereolab so much. Something about the beat, the drone, the melodies, the production, and just about everything on these records is perfect. There might be one song that I skip across these three albums, but that’s it. Perfect for long drives or work. Whenever. Always good.

4. The Oh Sees – 3 + 4
Simple. Acoustic mostly. Low budget recordings. Home style. Cool guitar playing. These two records get played back to back and often get played again right away. I really like most of what these guys do, but these records stand out.

3. Blues Explosion – Now I Got Worry
If you want to tear the place apart and fucking party, put this on. I do.

2. Electrelane – all albums
Rock It To The Moon especially. This is probably one of my most-played/least-sick-of records of all time. Again, great on long drives or at the shop.

1. Broadcast – Tender Buttons, Haha Sound
I am still mourning the loss of the singer of this band. Every time I would go into the record shop I would ask if they knew about a new Broadcast. Then I heard about the singer getting sick and dying. Major bum out. Broadcast have so many cool songs I don’t even know what to say about them.

I don’t know why I am so crazy about all of these bands fronted by ladies but I am. It sounds good to me and I do not see why I should analyze it beyond that. They have much to do with why True Widow exists. It was hard to pick five out of the lot but there they are.