Ancient VVisdom – “The Opposition” Video Premiere

Wow. Anyone who’s ever had a Satanic ritual knows that this is exactly what it’s like. A few dudes in a room full of spray paint fumes, with some instruments and a fire going. Depending on how drunk you get and what drugs you’re on, some pretty weird shit can go down. Lamentably, I’ve never seen any naked or caged women at the Satanic rituals I’ve been to. Cause if we’re talking about the ritual of my dreams, there’d be caged bitches, like a Cradle video, and I’d love to have Dave Wyndorf there, even though he’s fat now. We’d sacrifice a priest – or a child. Or some celebrity. There’d be a goat and we’d worship it like a god, and then kill that too, I guess.

In reality, “The Opposition” video trumps all of the Satanic rituals I’ve been to simply because of the song. It’s off of Ancient VVisdom’s debut album, A Godlike Inferno, which is an incredibly earnest and catchy album that celebrates Satan’s glory obsessively.

And this tour with Ghost and Blood Ceremony is so fucking evil I can’t take it. Holy shit – I just realized – this tour is the Satanic ritual of my dreams! I’ll have to wear my black robe…and lets hope that someone brings a naked woman or two. Or else, I can get naked if that will help make things more evil in NY.

JAN 18 : NEW YORK, NY – Bowery Ballroom

JAN 19 : WASHINGTON D.C. – Rock ´N´Roll Hotel

JAN 20 : BOSTON, MA – Middle East Downstairs

JAN 21 : MONTREAL, QC – Corona Theatre

JAN 22 : TORONTO, ON – The Mod Club

JAN 24 : CHICAGO, IL – Bottom Lounge

JAN 25 : SAINT PAUL, MN – Station Four

JAN 27 : DENVER, CO – Marquis Theatre

JAN 28 : SALT LAKE CITY, UT – The Vertigo

JAN 30 : SEATTLE, WA – El Corazon

JAN 31 : PORTLAND, OR – Hawthorne Theatre

FEB 1 : SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Bottom Of The Hill

FEB 2 : LOS ANGELES, CA – The Roxy Theatre