When Black Metal Was Cool

Nowadays you can pick up an inverted cross stained with the blood from a virgin sacrifice in a mall kiosk, but back in 1994 people were still shitting their knickers over religious desecrations and swore Satan himself was tremolo picking a pawn shop Jackson reverse headstock.

Via The Gauntlet:

Everyone knows the stories of the Norwegian black metal scene in the early nineties. The church burnings, ritualistic killings, robberies, etc. It is interesting to see how the media treated it at the time. Below is video footage from a British TV newscast circa 1994 warning parents who had kids of the likes of Mayhem, Darkthrone, and Cradle of Filth. They even interviewed a priest who wanted the music banned for its blasphemous nature.

The video is about four minutes and contains pretty much everything you could want: The aforementioned overreacting priest, a bad mother who blames black metal for her son fucking up a cemetery, a line about how you can’t make out the lyrics, some “home video” footage of Emperor which looks awesome and a guy with long hair tapping his foot to the music. Does anyone know what record that is?