STREAMING: Whores “Straight Down”

The swamp black water from Georgia’s Okefenokee must have some kind of primordial quality to it. The bubbling earth’s been seeping into the state’s water supply (from the southeast, natch) for longer than history can record. Of course, dudes with beards, flannel button-ups, and guitars (possibly drums) drink said black water and what comes out of that relationship? Heavy music. Whether it’s Mastodon, Baroness, Black Tusk, MonstrO, Kylesa (and by extension Damad), Jucifer, Harvey Milk, Zoroaster, and many other mentionables not mentioned here, the sludgy, jangly noise emanating from the fourth state is particularly unique to the heavy music landscape.
A relatively recent entrant into the sludgy, jangly noise movement (hereby known as Georgia Noise-Doom Sludge Metal, or GNDSM; let’s see if that acronym can get on a t-shirt) is Atlanta-based Whores. Subtly named after, well, whores (male or female, you pick), the “noise merchants” have bestowed upon a humble Deciblog, a new track, in the form of “Straight Down”, from the group’s new EP, Ruiner. Available on black fucking wax by Brutal Panda Records, Ruiner is five songs of down home punishment. No apologies. Few melodies. Just sonic Southern un-hospitality.

Whores – Straight Down by Decibel Magazine

** Whores new EP, Ruiner, is available HERE on Brutal Panda Records. Oh, yeah. Or something.