Seriously Killer Giveaway: ‘Give Them Rope’ Test Press

There are many different kinds of giveaways but in my opinion it doesn’t get much better than this. In fact I’m hoping no one wins and I get this by default.
The new remixed, remastered, definitely definitive way you are supposed to hear Coalesce’s masterpiece Give Them Rope is coming out one final time (probably) and you have a chance to win a test press of it.

Back in the 90s I would have slit each and every one of your throats to rub this thing on my meager junk, but today I’ll actually give you a chance to get your grubby hands on it yourself. The test press, that is.

Send the answer to the following question to

What recorded and released cover song was performed by all Coalesce members (including Sean Ingram on vocals), but is not considered Coalesce at all? Name the band that covered it, and the name of the song they covered.

Since the Internet exists and a bunch of you will probably get this, also send us the best Coalesce lyric as a tiebreaker. (If two of you have the same best lyric we’ll bring in a monkey to decide.)

I don’t want to do shit over the holiday, so we’ll let this run until Monday.

And… Go!