The [Future] Cutest Kitties in Metal Live at Clover Cat Rescue

As evidenced by our “Cutest Kitties in Metal” article back in the December 2009 issue, we here at Decibel are staunch friends of the feline. Sure, goats are semi-regularly sacrificed at Decibel HQ whenever we need a little bump in subscription numbers, but no cats are ever harmed in the making of our hallowed mag. Thus we were stoked to hear of the pro-pussycat work being done by sister-in-metal Tanja Schoor, current Century Media CFO and Nuclear Blast USA accountant.
Schoor has just launched Clover Cat Rescue in Patrick County, Virginia, a no-kill cat rescue and adoption operation. “It seems like this is something I was supposed to do,” Schoor shares in a press release circulated by Nuclear Blast. “It was something we had room for and there was such a need for it. My dad had sent me a generous amount of money for my last birthday and I used that money to build the shelter.”

She’s not the only metalhead involved in this endeavor. Samael bassist Mas flew over and contributed his carpentry skills and Trevor Peres from Obituary will be building a website for the rescue in the near future.

Before Schoor opened Clover Cat Rescue (named after an orphaned cat she had rescued), she had taken in many other abandoned cats into her own house and found homes for them. Opening her own rescue center was a natural next step. However, there are limitations on how many cats she can have in the shelter at one time, so it’s important that she is constantly finding homes for the current residents to make room for new arrivals. “Since I am limited in capacity, I am heavily focusing on the spay/neuter of owned and feral cats in this county,” she explained. “Every spay of a female cat will prevent an unwanted litter I have to take in or turn away if I am full. A spay costs between $50 – $60, and I am calling on everybody with a heart for cats to sponsor the spay of a cat and therefore save numerous lives. The PayPal account for donations and spay sponsorships is [email protected]. If a donation is dedicated to the spay of a cat, that’s where the money will go. Otherwise, it will help to cover the cost of food, litter, medical expenses and upkeep of the cats in foster care.”

To check out the totally metal cats currently up for adoption and see images of the Clover facility, visit the Clover Cat Rescue Facebook page here.