Sort of Exclusive- The Sun Through a Telescope: “Darkyard”

The Sun Through a Telescope: “Darkyard” by Decibel Magazine
The kind of music that comes from The Sun Through a Telescope can only be produced in a solo project. There is no way the kind of experimental, psychedelic insanity on EP Summer Darkyard (from our friends Handshake Inc.) could be filtered through another human being and see the light of day.

This particular track by the Ottowan is the first time I’ve ever heard wind chimes and pig screams/black metal shrieks laid side by side so proficiently, but that almost makes it seem like this is still somewhat of a normal song. I assure you it is not.

Broken guitars and tortured vocals plunge themselves at you over a quite drone until a noise pop opus takes over, slowly turning into a glass-shattering thrash. It’s not the kind of thing you should expect to listen to passively. “Darkyard,” like the rest of the album, will beat an opinion out of you. Have fun.