LIVE EVIL FESTIVAL 2011: Video Highlights

A few weeks ago we posted a Live Evil festival preview which was, in all fairness, maybe a little mean-spirited seeing that the vast majority of folks couldn’t cross ocean, continent or geographical border to attend an underground metal festival in London, U.K. Not at such notice, anyways.
Live Evil 2011 was the festival’s sophomore year, and featured superlative sets from the likes of Pagan Altar, Aura Noir, Em Ruinas, In Solitude, Cruel Force… And, shit, a whole bunch of other cool bands; peep the flyer above for the full line-up. It was an international show of strength for metal’s patched-denim underground, a global event to shift the demand curve for bullet-belts all the fucking way to the right. You have ’til next October to sort out the funds for next year’s event (bullet-belt import/export?).

And while it is a total bitch to get totally teased by the hype-machine firing up a festival that is just flat-out impossible to attend due to enduring levels of utter privation (hello Roadburn, Hellfest), the miracle of the Internet can at least bring you a reasonable idea of what’s going on. In fact, if you were to cease all housework, invite the neighbours to empty their trash in your front room, and throw a six-pack of stale continental lager, flash on a U.V. light and put the rest of the lights out, well, you’ve pretty much recreated the quintessence of the Camden Underworld.

Just add YouTube, some alcohol and your imagination… Fuck, it’s just like being there. Besides, the level of drunkenness of all in attendance should is a great leveler.

Anyway, as an eyewitness, who can actually remember it—well, the bands, if not getting home at night. Here is a (wholly arbitary) Top Five YouTube clips, of reasonably bang-on audio/visual quality to recreate some of the good times from the comfort of your easy chair.

No.5 Witchgrave

No.4 Em Ruinas

No.3 Pagan Altar

No.2 Aura Noir

No.1 In Solitude