STREAMING: Riot “Still Your Man”

Having formed before most of us — me, included — were born and having the dubious distinction of some of the worst cover art of all time (Narita, thank you very much), New York heavy metallers Riot are preparing to release their first album in five years. Titled Immortal Soul, the group’s new effort obviously finds its fire in the recently rekindled heavy metal movement (i.e., the younger set), but unlike the newjack metallers currently walking around in Reebok hightops, Riot’s jam, in the form of “Still Your Man”, has groove and depth. Yeah, that’s not saying much, but check out “Still Your Man”. Sounds like 1985 reborn, no?
Without further ado, here’s Riot’s “Still Your Man”:

Riot – Still Your Man by Decibel Magazine

** Riot’s new album, Immortal Soul, is out October 31st on SPV/Steamhammer Records.