True Till Def – Hardcore & Hip-Hop – 10/22 – NYC

Motha fuckin’ True Till Def. It’s a free event at Santos Party House, merging two genres that go together like bread and pudding: hardcore and hip-hop. I absolutely fucking loved it when Anthrax did that song with Run DMC.
Oh, and did I mention that it’s free? (You have to RSVP, it’s like a wedding.) What I’m talking about is seeing Kylesa, for free, at one of the best venues in NYC. That’s what I’m saying. And the obscure ‘T.F.W’ on that flyer? It stands for The Fucking Wrath. Seeing The Fucking Wrath for free means you’ll be able to buy an extra 40 oz. beforehand, preferably Hurricane, for when the Wrath comes down. And trust me, at an event like this, you’ll need to be double-fisting two forties just to fit in. Though Youth of Today might not approve. And if you’re familiar with The Youth or any of their post-projects, then you know that this jam might even be worth staying sober for.

As far as the rap… well, I guess Action Bronson must be a rapper. Maybe he’ll cover “Bible Thumpers Go to Hell.” But maybe not. Good thing this isn’t a rap blog. But I’ll try anything once, and if it’s free – I’ll try it twice.

The whole thing is sponsored by Converse, and the ultimate icing: Andrew W.K. is hosting it. That means there’s going to be a raging party, some good vibes, a massive pit, and… shoes.