Insomnium – Contest!

Roll up, folks: it’s competition time! Courtesy of the good folks at Century Media we have one strictly limited edition boxset of Insomnium‘s new album, One for Sorrow and a t-shirt too (see below… It’s reassuringly black so won’t clash with downcast expressions and your sense of metal self).

One for Sorrow is the Finnish outfit’s fifth longplayer, and another beguiling chapter in their lugubrious melancholic take on melodic death metal, which owes as much to Opeth’s carefully crafted grandeur and the Katatonia strain of introspective death as it does to the G-berg movement of bombast and henched-up Maiden riffs. This limited edition boxset includes the bonus track “Weather the Storm” (feat. Mikael Stanne of Dark Tranquillity), an Insomnium wristband, 3 exclusive button badges and deluxe window cut-out packaging. It’s pretty gnarly.

…. And it sounds like this:

Now, to be in with a chance of winning, we’ve dispensed with ridiculous ideas such as snapping a pool cue in half and asking for some sort of no-holds-barred MMA death match.

Just answer this beyond-easy question:
Who mixed One for Sorrow?
A: Samuel Pepys
B: Samu Oittinen
C: Dan Swanö

Feel free to bruise both of Google’s eyes in arriving at your answer.
Send your answers in to: [email protected]
Closing date is 25 October 2011
Good luck!

Should your metal wisdom and the slings and arrows of magazine contest fortunes fail you, One for Sorrow is released on 18th October in the US, and you can order it here