Yo! Bum Rush the (Morbid Angel) Show

Cuidado, homies. Fans at the September 8 Morbid Angel concert in Santiago, Chile, were not taking any shit from walkie-talkie-wielding security guards in windbreakers, Blabbermouth reports. Hell no. They broke right through whatever flimsy human barricade was in place like a pack of wild dogs. While some guards attempted to do their jobs, the security lady at :05 was like, “Oh hell no, I don’t get paid enough to get trampled in the name of ‘Too Extreme,'” and got herself right out of the way. Thankfully, it looks like no one was seriously injured. After the jump, more instances of fans rushing the stage, and the different approaches bands have used to quell the situation.

Scene: Milwaukee Metal Fest 1998. Dying Fetus are crushing it, when some spindly kid hops onstage at 3:03. By and large, these fans are doing it right. No one is obstructing the band or causing any kind of technical interference. These kids just want to show off their sweet headbanging skills. It looks like the only security dude is a very round, pink man wearing a tight black tank top and shorts. You can see him at around 3:58 trying to shepherd the ‘bangers off the stage. Then he gives up and decides to guard the kick drum instead.

Dropkick Murhpys are one of those bands that always winds up with half the crowd onstage by the end of the night. At :38, a dude with a green mohawk lumbers onstage, and the rest of the hooligans follow suit. Unfortunately for one of them, singer Al Barr wasn’t feeling the camaraderie. Watch the cold, hard dis go down, starting at :52, when a fan tries to get Barr to share the mic. Burn.

This past March, Iron Maiden took their show to Rio, but not even halfway into their first song, security pulled the plug because the crowd completely decimated the barrier. At 1:24, Bruce Dickinson has to explain to the situation to the crowd and implores the thousands of attendees to take one step back. This did not go over well (see part 2, below).

Dickinson sits with a translator, Fabiana, to explain to the audience that, in reality, when the barrier is busted, the show does not, in fact, go on, and begs the crowd not to break anything on their way out of the arena. Cue the roar of angry boos. Meanwhile, poor Fabiana. Talk about a horrible job. Here’s hoping she was paid time and a half and got a police escort to take her home that night.

And then there’s this bullshit. One pre-pubescent kid manages to slip by security and approach Miley, and not only does security toss the kid’s ass, but they rush Miley off the stage as if the sky is falling. Fabiana’s all, “Bish, please.”