No Running to the Hills Today

Even though Iceland is bankrupt, cold and Bjork is printed on their money, 200 of its peoples are getting real tired of being in America, especially during the three dozen simultaneous natural disasters on the east coast.
So what do you do when you need to get back to your homeland but regular planes are too pussy to even get off the tarmac? You hop in the motherfucking Iron Maiden plane and high five Bruce Dickinson on the way to your seat.

NME reports that Dickinson, whose piloting skills are shoehorned into every article that’s ever been written about him, will fly one of the first flights out of Newark back to Reykjavik, the city that never seems spelled right. But he’s not going to be piloting some shitass 747; he’s going to be piloting his 747 (edit: 757, much more evil), or at least the Iron Maiden one with Ed on the tail and probably a recording studio in the hold. It is going to be the best flight of their lives, even if the whole time they play No Prayer for the Dying.

And on a related note, Lars Ulrich will help out some hard hit east coasters by probably buying an expensive painting and being a dick.