Exclusive Free Downloads: Hank3 Has a Cow

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s not every day that the Deciblog introduces you to a whole new genre of extreme music. But today is special. Today, we bring you a new breed of ferocity. Behold…


That’s right, you mooing sons-o-bitches. Cattle core. Speed metal + cattle auctioneer vocals = cattle core. “Why didn’t I think of that?” you’re saying to yourselves. Because you’re stupid and have no vision, that’s why. But to soothe the burn, recognize that Hank3 (also known as Hank Williams III) is the pioneer of this twisted amalgam, and he is, quite frankly, the only one who could pull off such a blazing experiment without turning it into a steaming pile of fertilizer.

These two tracks are off Hank3’s upcoming speed metal album 3 Bar Ranch Cattle Callin, part of a troika of releases set for September 6. The other two albums are Ghost to a Ghost/Guttertown, a double disc of country tunes, and the doom metal Attention Deficient Domination. But it’s Cattle Callin that we decided to explore, if only because it’s so deliriously nuts, it’ll singe your utters and have you reaching for the Bag Balm. In addition to skidmark-inducing metal, the songs features famous cattle auctioneers Tim Dowler and Mitch Jordan. It’s amazing these guys can feel their faces after 20 minutes of work. Download the two exclusive tracks below via SoundCloud. Throwing the horns has never before felt so appropriate.

3 Bar Ranch Cattle Callin “Branded”

3 Bar Ranch Cattle Callin “Tim Dowler – Black Cow”