David Vincent (Morbid Angel) interviewed

Well-spoken, Morbid Angel’s David Vincent has labeled the group in 2011 as “spearheaders”, which is fine when you look at albums like Hall of Fame album Altars of Madness, Blessed Are the Sick, Covenant, Domination. etc. Morbid Angel were the creme de la creme. However, time marches on and it’s rarely kind.
Certainly, Vincent is of the opinion Morbid Angel (cover stars yet again on dB #81) have broken “new ground” on new album Illud Divinum Insanus, but do you share the same opinion? Did Morbid Angel form a new extreme metal dimension for all to be sucked into if they’re so willing? Or… Well, you answer those questions for yourself while you hear Vincent speak like he’s commissioner of the National Death Metal Association (NDMA).

Video courtesy of Scion A/V.