What, No Pirate Metal?

It’s time for another website to piss you off since it’s missing some bands or misdefines “Oriental Metal.” Regardless, Map of Metal is a pretty fun, interactive site that allows you to check out bands and songs from many, many different metal genres on a big, crazy jean jacket/There Be Dragons map thing. Just click on “Stoner Metal” or “Deathgrind” and you get a relatively solid history and definition with a list of bands that do the genre justice (purportedly).

And seriously, it’s really not bad. There’s nine songs in the “Depressive Suicidal Black Metal” genre for fuck’s sake and where else are you gonna find Coal Chamber playing “Loco” live except for Bonazelli’s iPod?

But please check it out and let me know its most grievous sins.

And, at the risk of this clearly cobbled together post seeming even more so, did you see video of Grindfather Richard Johnson losing his shit after being too brutal with Magrudergrind? Oh, you didn’t…