Exclusive- Engineer: “The Idiot’s Theme”

“Underrated” is about as loaded a term as you can get when describing a band, but I truly believe that until Syracuse’s Engineer is invited to a renovated Total Request Live studio in Times Square they are not getting their due. It’s been four years since the noiserock quartet fucked a million faces with The Dregs and they are finally reigning down again with Crooked Voices.
A less metallic and more finespun affair, the album still manages to hack into your carotid with each scabrous riff and rhythm. And vocalist Bobby Gorham’s roar has only become more menacing.

Everyone involved had a different opinion on what song should be debuted here because pretty much all ten tracks are worthy of being highlighted. But opener “The Idiot’s Theme” may be the best at showing a band that’s older, wiser and still a complete terror.

Engineer: “The Idiot’s Theme” by Decibel Magazine