Fucked Up Turns the Light Back On

I don’t particularly like Fucked Up but I do respect them. Their move from hardcore punk to anthemic art rock has never seem strained and gimmicks like their twelve-hour show asked more of them than anyone else in attendance. And furthermore on the topic of live shows, they always come through, much to the chagrin of janitors everywhere. They also seem like incredibly sweet Canadians as is evidenced by this mini-doc that explains the creation of their new album David Comes to Life.

There isn’t much to say because you’ll either be excited to check out the band behind the scenes or you didn’t even get this far and are back commenting on that post about Shitfun. But if you have even a passing interest in the old new saviors of punk rock or whatever than these ten minutes will probably be worth your time. And if somehow by this point you’re still reading with no idea what I’m talking about, here’s a new song by the band that I have to admit is actually pretty killer: