STREAMING: Inevitable End “While Surpassing Ether”

Yeah, even though we got Osama, there’s plenty of turmoil in the world to go around. Libya’s still a war-ravaged cesspool, the Midwest is experiencing Biblical-style flooding, Japan’s coping with the tsunami-related woes, the Ivory Coast has seen better days, and… and… I could go on forever. Well, there are two ways to handle the chaos. Get involved and help (The Red Cross). Or let the chaos come to you. That is, if you don’t live in Libya, the flood plains of the Midwest, what remains of Otsuchi, Japan or Abidjan, Ivory Coast.
Right. We got disorder and destruction (of the sonic variety) in the form of Inevitable End’s new skull-scraper “While Surpassing Ether”. There’s no way it compares to real disorder and destruction (as cited the ‘graph above, for example), but few releases in 2011 will match the Swedes’ Nasum-meets-Dillinger Escape Plan flecked din.

While Surpassing Ether by Decibel Magazine

** Inevitable End’s new album, The Oculus, is available on May 24, 2011. Pre-order now and get Inevitable End’s The Severed Inception for free. Neat.