STREAMING: In Solitude “Serpents Are Rising”

The retro metal thing hasn’t played itself out quite yet. Sweden’s In Solitude (interviewed in the upcoming dB #80) are, perhaps like countrymen Ghost and Enforcer, on the forefront of the throwback-yet-modern sound emanating from the greatest metal country on planet Earth (my determination; feel free to dispute). Sure, the name In Solitude sounds like a band that’d ape My Dying Bride or Candlemass (or both!), but the Uppsala-based quintet have more NWOBHM happening than anything else. Though, if you check out the sample, you’ll probably hear bits of Teutonic bite and American directness.
Says frontman Hornper: “Certain fragments of ‘Serpents are Rising’ are among the oldest parts of The World. The Flesh. The Devil and the song was steadily taking form throughout the whole writing and recording process, and the last parts were put together just minutes before it was recorded. It is certainly one of the more straight-forward and stabbing-paced songs on the album and I think it’s a worthy representative of that erupting energy of the album, as well as the self-sacrifice made. The poem was written by Viusiudad (of Reveal) and was given a title and put in song-context myself. And like everything with brother Viusiudad; a strange, holy and collaborative effort. Blessings to him! And the poem deals with the ever-present, ever-guiding and ever-rising inner serpent.”

In Solitude: “Serpents Are Rising” by Decibel Magazine

** In Solitude’s new album, The World. The Flesh. The Devil, is out May 23rd, 2011 on Metal Blade Records. Order it here.