Hit Balls With Ross the Boss (Dictators/Manowar)

Photo: Andrew Savulich

You’re probably already aware of the Decibel staff’s somewhat unnaturally obsessive love of baseball. On one side, you have Albert and the Phillies; on the other side, you have Andrew and the Mets. When these teams square off, run for cover. And don’t come out until the following day, when the victor has had his fill of bragging, and the loser is tired of making castration threats. Even if you’re not a fan of baseball (you godless mongrel), read Decibel‘s annual baseball preview article—featuring members of Genghis Tron, the Dillinger Escape Plan, Graf Orlock, and others—in the current issue, if only because Andrew uses the term “douchetard flagships.”

Baseball + metal = win. And so comes this article in the NY Daily News about Dictators/Manowar guitarist Ross the Boss and his batting cages in Queens, New York. Turns out, Ross’ son Jesse is a talented baseball player, but when the Boss found out there were no decent batting cages in Queens, he and his wife decided to open The Cage. Below is a video that briefly details the career of the Dictators and includes a scene of Ross taking a few swings.