The Decibel Study Hall of Fame III: Left Hand Path

Labias and genitals, welcome back to the Deciblog’s Study Hall of Fame wherein albums from our hallowed hall are viewed through the eyes and ears of my eight-year-old son. It’s been a long time since young Sam opined the belief that Sepultura were singing in a made-up language called ‘fuckowackopeas’ and here he offers his thoughts on Entombed’s classic debut. Note that Sam has recently developed an intense interest in graffiti art which explains the accompanying photo of his rendition of ‘Entombed’ written in “throw up” style. Following his immersion in the art, has come an interest in graffiti culture and following that has been the parental battle-and-a-half in getting him to do anything unrelated to drawing these days. Reviewing metal albums has sunk on the priority list, though should we ever induct 25 Ta Life’s Strength Through Unity: Spirit Remains into the Hall, you can bet he’ll be way into at least discussing the cover art. Who knows what the future holds for the Study Hall, but I can guarantee the future won’t include inducting Strength Through Unity: Spirit Remains into the Hall of Fame.

Left Hand Path

(Earache, 1990)

My dad says that Left Hand Path is the greatest Swedish death metal album ever. I don’t get the difference between Swedish death metal and death metal from other countries or some of the other metal I listen to. There seems to be more singing in this type of metal, the drumming is really good, the guitars pretty much sound the same and some of the stuff sounds like Slayer riffs. The one thing I don’t like about Swedish death metal is the vocals because it sounds like a drunk goober face getting punched in the throat. But fuck it, I’m doing this review anyway.

“Left Hand Path” is a really good song. I like how it goes from fast to slow and the riff in the slower part is fucking awesome! The guitar solo in “Drowned” is cool and the drums are awesome. The first part of “Revel in Flesh” sounds like someone riding on a horse and the fast parts are the best parts of the song. The beginning guitar riff of “When Life Has Ceased” is great, but after the singing came in it sort of messed it up. All of “Supposed to Rot” from beginning to end is great. “Life Goes On” sucks, but it sounds better if you cover up the speakers and what the hell is wrong with Lars-Goran Petrov’s voice in “Bitter Loss”? He sounds like a cat choking on a giant flashlight, but the guitar is cool. “The Truth Beyond” is a fucking awesome song. The guitars, drums and speed of the song are great. The start of “Carnal Leftovers” rocks because of how fast it is! But “Premature Autopsy” sucks. It says that it’s a bonus track, but I think they should have left it off the album. Actually, they never should have written it. Bye-bye!