Russian President Meets His Heroes: Deep Purple

President Medvedev meets Deep Purple by tvnportal
Well now here’s one we didn’t see coming. Apparently, it’s common knowledge that Russian president Dmitry Medvedev is a huge ‘banger who worships at the altar of Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. And since the prepubescent age of 12, his numero uno band has been Deep Purple. Medvedev got to make his childhood dreams come true last week when the band had tea at the president’s home. (Coincidentally, the Deciblog recently established the extremely extreme superiority of tea.) Back in Medvedev’s DJ years, he had to request permission from the Communist youth organization to spin hard rock music at discos. It may seem like small beans, but the political implications of embracing western pop culture were akin to sleeping with the enemy. So getting face-time with the metal pioneers was a slightly bigger deal than simply fan-meets-band. It’s unknown if, after the cameras stopped rolling, Medvedev pulled a Chris Farley and huffed and sweated all over his idols, asking them, “Remember when you wrote ‘Smoke On The Water’? That was awesome.” But judging from the video above, it was a wholly civilized affair. We don’t speak Russian, so we can only assume Medvedev was telling them he’s the biggest Deep Purple fan in the entire world, and anyone who says otherwise is a total poser.