Maryland Deathfest: The Movie 2 Premiere

Every year — well, the last two for this writer — key parts of team Decibel travel from the City of Brotherly Death (i.e., Philadelphia) to Harm City (i.e., Baltimore) for the exalted festival extremely extreme music, Maryland Deathfest. Every year, Maryland Deathfest is an endurance test. How many kick-ass bands can one — or several in our case — ‘writer’ witness while the Memorial Day sun beams down harshly like a cruel deity with a stubbed toe? 15-20? Maybe.

Well, folks, if you’d like to catch up with MDF 2010, Handshake Inc. has the goods on DVD. They’ve already released MDF 2010, Part I (available here for $10), but have moved on to Maryland Deathfest: The Movie 2. The second iteration features sweet footage of Pentagram, Total Fucking Destruction, Pestilence, Sulaco, Jucifer, Possessed, Fuck the Facts, Magrudergrind, Repulsion, Birdflesh, Coffins, General Surgery, Sulaco, Deceased, Melechesh, Nirvana 2002, and a few more notables. There’s requisite interviews with bands, VIPs (that’d be us; maybe), and, of course, fans (that’d be you!). So, it’s really a for-the-fans, by-the-fans affair.

If doubt — and there’s probably good reason you do — check out the quick trailer below.

** Maryland Deathfest: The Movie 2, is available May 27th, 2011 on Handshake Inc. ‘Odor’ it here.