Dorian Rainwater & Thomas Romero’s (Noisear) Top 5 Influential Grind Songs

Hello All! Dorian Rainwater and Thomas Romero of Noisear here.
We have been asked to give a Top 5 feature by the amazing people at Decibel Magazine. We have chosen to give our main influences in the extreme metal/grindcore genre, which have had a huge impact on us and serve as a key element to the sound and music we create in Noisear.

5. 324 – “Customized Circle”
Thomas Romero: Love that insanely fat guitar tone. In-your-face poppy snare blasts! Classic!
Dorian Rainwater: Japanese godz! The vocals are monstrously brutal and the hybrid of D-beat, groove, and single pedal armageddon are enough to make you want to rip your brain out of your own skull! Essential grind!

4. Assück – “Take the F out of LIFE and You Have the Truth” (single song was removed so we found the EP)
Thomas Romero: Steve Heritage all the way! This track is short but sweet. [Laughs] Another huge influence. Anticapital and Blindspot EP rule!
Dorian Rainwater: Oh, hell yeah! Pioneers of ultra grind! Total Napalm Death worship here on this track. Still have this bad boy on slimy vomit green vinyl. Necro Salvation!

3. Lethargy “Humor Me”
Thomas Romero: This song brings to mind a horde of rabid circus clowns on a never-ending roller coaster! Slides Away!
Dorian Rainwater: Burke has been a personal favorite guitarist for over a decade. The slippery riffing and complex composition of their tunes are so different from the majority of bands in the scene. Also great chemistry between the whole group and the end result on any Lethargy tune is always order within beautiful chaos. Love the bluesy vibe in the intro riff! [Shows horns]

2. Discordance Axis – “Information Sniper”
Thomas Romero: Huge influence and possibly the biggest influence for me. Unique. Off-the-wall and always tight as a lock! Always refrehing even after multiple plays.
Dorian Rainwater: Again, totally agree! Jon Chang’s soul-piercing shrieks and intellectual lyrics are incomparable to say the least. Rob’s guitar style is an animal of its own. This band is one of the reasons Noisear exists. Kings of grind.

1. Human Remains – “Spoiling of Beauty”
Thomas Romero: As a longtime fan of the New Jersey scene, with bands like Ripping Corpse, Burnt By The Sun, Dim Mak, and so forth. I love this band! Especially this particular track. It displays volume control, artificial harmonics, arpeggios from hell, and pure grind!
Dorian Rainwater: I couldn’t agree more! The unorthodox riffage, amazing guitar acrobatics, Chuck Schuldiner-esque vocals and Witte’s insane drumming are sensational. Teddy’s bass playing is by far one of the best ever in the genre and the technical proficiency in this band’s entire discog will stand the test of time.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to read and extreme thanks to Decibel and Noisear grind family worldwide. we probably could have named 20 more, but this is a Top 5. Grind on!

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