Lightning Swords Of Death Vinyl Contest

Remember grade school?  Those were the days, eh? Cap’n Crunch in the breakfast bowl and the world at your feet. Sure, there was some reading, writing and arithmetic in there somewhere, but mostly it was  just waiting for the bell to ring so you could go home and watch Def Leppard videos. In our case, grade school was just phase one of Catholic school. The whole unsavory enterprise  involved a lot of church, a lot of nuns going on and on (and on) about Jesus and the occasional anti-abortion propaganda flick featuring imagery that would make at least two out of five Cannibal Corpse members cringe.  Really, it’s no wonder we turned to Satan.  Which brings us to that dude up there in the Sabbath shirt. How hard is he ruling right now?   It’s entirely possible that his grade school experience was similar to ours because he grew up to become Roskva, guitarist for L.A. black metal warriors Lightning Swords Of Death and the mastermind behind Endless Blizzard. Here he is today with his congregation of undead disciples:

Point is, the righteous death dealers over at Canonical Hours have given us a couple of deluxe double-vinyl copies of LSOD’s The Extra-Dimensional Wound to give away. We’re talking 2 x 200-gram slabs of unbridled black metal power in a gatefold sleeve, complete with a poster and a 12-page booklet.  Shit is ultra-limited, too–only 500 copies were pressed.  All you gotta do to get yours is guess the year on that grade-school photo. First person to post the correct answer in the comments section wins.  And don’t be a douche: One guess per person. Don’t worry if you blow it, though: We’re gonna give away another copy tomorrow.