Debut: Rotten Sound- “Hollow”
On the internet, anything weird can be out-weirded. No matter how shocking or absurd something is, there is always plenty more around the corner to make it look tame by comparison. But with that said, this new clip by Rotten Sound is fucking weird.

It would be a bad idea to give away much of the “plot,” because sitting back and actually letting the whole video wash over you is something I got to enjoy and I’d rather not take it away from anyone. But here’s a hint: Hamburger firing a handgun.

And as far as the music, “Hollow” isn’t the usual RS grind but delivers some brutal d-beatings and a main riff that is so goddamn savage you will possibly start gnawing on your own forearm.

Oh, and one more note: I wouldn’t say this is exactly NSFW, but if I were your boss and saw this on your computer screen I’d call security.