DevilDriver’s Dez FaFara Loves Redheads!

For some men it’s unmistakable: the draw the to the color red.
Like a bull to the red cape of a matador, we men are transfixed, relentless in pursuit and the feeling is strong and pure.

I myself have been with a “natural” redhead for years and every day I see her, the same drop in blood pressure happens, the energy within me loses all control.

This is fact and has been scientifically proven that the color red enhances the viewers metabolism and  increases heart rate and respiration , something I know all too well.

Redheads are surrounded by myth and mystery; they have, throughout history, often been associated with fiery tempers, witchcraft, moral degeneration and beastly sexual desire.

A few quotes that I love and appreciate are as follows:

“Once in life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead. ” — Lucille Ball
“Out of the ash, I rise with my red hair and eat men like air.” — Sylvia Plath
“Gentlemen may prefer blondes but it takes a real man to handle a redhead.” — Unknown

Bible thumpers may be interested to know that Adam’s first wife Lilith was always depicted with red hair and refused to lie underneath Adam during intercourse stating, “Why should I lie beneath you when we are both equal created from the same dust?” I love this quote; it sums a redhead woman up most magnificently as they are strong in will and control their desire as to only let it be shown when SHE wishes to engage it.

The painting ‘Temptation’ in the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo depicts a brown haired Eve being handed a red apple by a red-haired, bare-breasted serpent woman. In the adjacent painting, Eve is thrown out of the garden with a shameful face and a twist of Red Hair upon her. Eve’s red hair is seen as the stain of sin like the original Scarlet Letter.  Later, her son, Cain, will bare red hair and fall from grace.

The Egyptians regarded the color red so unlucky they had a ceremony where they burned red-haired maidens to try and wipe out the tint entirely. Lest we forget about the thousands of redheads burnt at the stake as suspected witches between 1483 and 1784.

This next one I love: Aristotle was known to believe that redheads were emotionally unhousebroken! Because of how history has painted such a magnificent creature as the Scarlet red-haired woman, most redheads have a terrible time growing up. Seriously. Name calling surrounds every story I hear of my wife’s youth. Sayings like “carrot top ” or “I’ll beat you like a redheaded step child” have permeated our American culture  and what a shame for these people cloaked in red hair are often more gifted than others in many different fields: the sciences, math and the arts.

There’s the long and the short of it about redheads: misunderstood, loved, feared, take ‘em or leave ‘em. I will take ‘em.

Speaking to all the males reading this: The next time you’re out and spot a beautiful redheaded woman in the crowd, take notice. Your hands will sweat and your heart rate will jump. That is to say if you’ve been bitten by the bug like I have. Ruadh gu brath is Gaelic for “RED HEADS FOREVER!”

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