Decibel’s Internet Round-Up

Listen, I can’t compete with a metal post about redheads from a nice guy who does cool shit like this. So time to come up with a generic headline and just link to ten random things, most you’ve probably already seen. Let’s, uh, do this:

1. Guy in corpsepaint somehow turns “The Alphabet Song” into a somewhat decent, two minute black metal song.

2. What bass strings look like when they’re plucked and you’re higher than shit.

3. Euro Beats + Power Metal = Magic Hammer (pictured).

4. Heavy Metal, the cartoon that was fucking perfect for an actual heavy metal soundtrack but instead had Grand Funk Railroad and fucking Sammy Hagar, is now coming to French TV, and will probably feature music by Grand Funk Railroad and Sammy Hagar.

5. How to headbang better, with science.

7. A well-done fan video for Killdozer’s truly fucking epic, “The Pig Was Cool.”

8. High on Fire not literally tearing apart the walls of Amoeba music.

9. Come to J. Randall’s Grindcore Karaoke and freely download the record Robocop II by the band Robocop. I loved writing that sentence.

10. And Devildriver on Scrubs with French subtitles, for some reason. The end.