The Ghosts of Bloodbaths Past–Exclusive Macabre “Grim Scary Tales” Preview!

Twenty-five years into a career of contemporary “murder metal,” the band that penned “Albert was Worse than Any Fish in the Sea,” “What the Heck Richard Speck (Eight Nurses You Wrecked)”, The Unabomber EP, and a twenty-six track 2000 concept record exploring the life of Jeffery Dahmer (sample chapters: “Drill Bit Lobotomy,” “McDahmers,” “Into the Toilet with You”) has gone all Bill & Ted on us: Macabre’s upcoming Grim Scary Tales is as much a Profile in Murderousness world history lesson as an impressively eclectic slab of bizzaro, transgressive metal. But don’t take our word for it. The fine folks over at Willowtip are giving Decibel readers a sneak preview of the retro-insanity…


[audio:|titles=01 Locusta]

“Nero’s Inferno”

[audio:|titles=02 Nero’s Inferno]

“The Ripper Tramp From France”

[audio:|titles=11 The Ripper Tramp From France]

…and the other eleven tracks are just as awesomely berzerk.

Bonus: Grim Scary Tales is also almost certainly the only record you’ll buy this year carrying a disclaimer like this in its liner notes: “Our lawyer wants you to know that The Big Bad Wolf is a parody. The legend can be traced back to Giles Garnier, a 15th century hermit & child murderer. Garnier was captured, tried & convicted of being a werewolf. Our parody points out the hypocrisy in taking the story of a insane child murderer & turning it into a funny cartoon for profit. We’ve returned the story to its true origin.”

I think we all feel better now that that’s cleared up!