Belphegor “Blood Magick Necromance” Premiere

Violent, dynamic, and, as always, controversial, Austrian death/black metal machine have aspired to greatness on new album Blood Magick Necromance. So much so, in fact, we’ve been allowed early access to Belphegor’s ninth album and the gap between the group’s early black metal work is sort of like comparing Abominations of Desolation to Covenant.
Belphegor frontman/lead pervertor had this to say about ‘Blood Magick Necromance’: “17 years of musick and chaos, and Belphegor is still here to celebrate death/black metal art. The title track is a seven minute opus; we worked eight months on this complex hymn. And arranged acribical everything in detail. You will find everything here: spoken words, chants, choirs, grunts, acoustic guitars, doom parts which turn to ultra blastbeats. [It’s] the most difficult, varied track we’ve ever created. ‘Blood Magick Necromance’ is a very dangerous and magnificent song on the new Belphegor album. It’s exactly how we wanted to sound in 2011.”

But don’t trust our words (that’d be mine and Helmuth’s). Listen for yourself. Here’s the title track ‘Blood Magick Necromance’ streaming in all its murky, saturnine madness.

BELPHEGOR – Blood Magick Necromance by NuclearBlastRecords

** Belphegor’s Blood Magick Necromance is out January 14th, 2011 on Nuclear Blast Records. Order it here.