Varg Vikernes Quote + Burzum’s “Fallen” Out April 5

Fallen, the eighth album from Burzum, will be released in North America on April 5.  The album is the second to be released via Varg Vikernes’ imprint Byelobog Productions (via Candlelight for the territory).  The album features seven new compositions by the controversial Norwegian musician; each adding another storied journey to the celebrated Burzum legacy.
Vikernes says of the new album, “Musically Fallen is a cross between Belus and something new, inspired more by the debut album and Det Som Engang Var than by Hvis Lyset Tar Oss or Filosofem.  The sound is more dynamic.  We mastered the album as if it was classical music and I was more experimental than I was on Belus in all respects.  Lyrically it is similar to the debut album, in the way that it is more personal and focuses on existential issues.  But the mythological undertone known from Belus is still there.  I have also included some ambient tracks, a short introduction and a longer conclusion.”

Burzum "Fallen"

Fallen features artwork from renowned French painter William Adolphe Bouguereau.  It is a striking contrast to art Vikernes has used for his albums in the past.  He comments, “the cover is part of a painting called Elegy.  I used it in this context because the album deals with the concept of falling, not least in a metaphysical sense.  By definition, “elegy” means a mournful, melancholy, or plaintive poem.  It is a funeral song or a lament for the dead.  It is a poem written in elegiac meter or a sad or mournful musical composition.”

Many credit Burzum with influencing much of modern-day black metal.  While his music has traveled roads often far removed from what many consider black metal to be (with parts ambient, electronic, and more), his compositions have immediately been taken to heart by countless legions of fans the world over.  It is a “no fear” mentality that has made Varg Vikernes both an idol and a bastard.

Metal Army said of 2010’s Belus, “Whatever you might think of Varg Vikernes, it’s impossible to deny the depressive brilliance of Belus, which recalls his classic albums Filosofem and Hvis Lyset Tar Oss yet shows a marked increase of maturity. ”Fallen is the second album from the controversial recording artist since his release from chains that bound him for nearly two decades.  It is the first album from the musician to benefit from a proper North American release.

Burzum was founded in 1991 by Vikernes.  Under the pen name Count Grishnackh, the youthful musician quickly recorded four albums.  During his lengthy incarceration, Vikernes recorded two additional albums; thus completing his initial series of compositions.  Released from captivity in 2009, Vikernes immediately set out on a new path of creativity and quickly recorded/released Belus on his own label imprint, Byelobog Productions.  Both CD and vinyl pressings of Belus quickly sold out with repressings of the album not coming quick enough to keep up with demand.  Decibel Magazine featured a candid cover story with the musician while Guitar World and other key stateside magazines lined up for interview opportunities.  He graced the cover of England’s Terrorizer and several other key international magazines.

Track listing for Fallen is:

1) Fra Verdenstreet
2.) Jeg Faller
3.) Valen
4.) Vanvidd
5.) Enhver til Sitt
6.) Budstikken
7.) Til Hel Og Tilbake Igjen