Full Blown Chaos ‘Doomageddon’ Streaming

I’m pretty sure the dudes in Full Blown Chaos are tough as skyscrapers on the surface but soft as teddy bears on the inside. Just look at these guys. They make UFC superstars piss their pants and ask for mumma, but shove a Blue Heeler puppy in their face and chances are they’d go into ‘Baby Talk’ mode. ‘Aw, so coot, man! Wa’s hees name?’
Well, maybe not. The group’s latest album, Full Blown Chaos (Ironclad), shows no signs of New York’s finest curtailing their ‘fook ya’ attitude and school bus-heavy metallic ‘core. How do we know so much? We asked Frontman Ray Mazzola for a quote and he gave us the finger. Not really, but what he has below to say amounts to Mazzola and his buddies readying for an urban battle.

“’Doomageddon’ is an overall collective of intense rage brought upon by frustration, rejection and the seething hatred for those who have wronged us. We have done things the right way. Followed the straight and narrow. All we get back is disrespect and anguish. This is our rebuttal to the negativity that surrounds us. We are not afraid to go against the world. We are not afraid to make those decisions that would expire others. We are not afraid to say FUCK YOU to those that oppose and set obstacles in our path.”

OK, that battle, as mentioned preemptively above, my cowering UFC and UFC-watching friends takes shape in lead-off track, ‘Doomageddon’. So, put on those UCP pants you’ve been dying to try on but won’t wear in public, turn FBC up a few notches, and piss off your neighbors. But if you ninja-kick a hole in your wall, Full Blown Chaos, Iron Clad Recordings, The Deciblog, David Hasselhoff, Decibel Magazine, and Red Flag Media aren’t responsible. We’ll watch you invoke Sho Kosugi and do the patchwork on Youtube though.


Full Blown Chaos’s self-titled album is out February 1st, 2011 on Ironclad Recordings. Order it here.