For Those About to Squawk: R.I.P. Basil

Every Friday, Waldo the African Grey Parrot, frontbird of thrash-grind immortals Hatebeak, will get you caught up on the week’s latest “extreme” releases.
Hello, fellow avian supremacists. I’d like to pour one out for my dead homie this week. A friend of the Beak’s has passed away. Basil, one of the singers of the mighty pitbull grindcore band Caninus, is now enjoying that indestructible chew toy in the sky. Basil was put down this week because of a brain tumor, and will be sorely missed. Hatebeak and Caninus did a split 7-inch on Reptilian Records in 2005, and I guess it goes without saying that this was the first animal-fronted split recording EVER! Wolfpig by Caninus features five brutal tracks to our punishing three, and believe you me, the shit is blistering. Budgie, the remaining pit, must now carry on the torch of torturing animal grind all alone, which is unfortunate. Caninus’ human compatriots have always promoted adoption of pets, anti-animal cruelty and veganism; please read their thanks lists and check out the organizations they support.

Also, the other Caninus releases are available at They have an AWESOME split with fellow vegan/vegetarian-friendly Cattle Decapitation, and a crushing full-length called Now the Animals Have a Voice, which is available on CD or 7-inch. Look to Reptilian for the HB/Caninus Birdseeds of Vengeance/Wolfpig split, or PLEASE check out the Caninus website to order the other releases, shirts or dog collars. Friendly feathered condolences to Belle, Sudz and Budgie… the first casualty in the war on humans. Long may you run…

Also, little old birdbrained me made my first Deciblog error; in my last entry, I attributed Pain Addict Pigs by Psycho to the Boston-based quintet, and I was wrong. I must have been smoking seeds. Pain Addict Pigs was released by SINGAPORE’S Psycho. I wondered why I liked it so much, as the Boston band is awash in its own genericness. Please forgive this little error and please check out Psycho, the horror metal from Singapore on Moribund Records. Birdshit, man, even I can make a mistake here and there, haters be damned. Thanks to Penny Torture and Psycho for bringing this to my attention.

Kick back, relax until NEST week. If you have a pet, please make sure you cherish it a little more in memoriam of at least a fellow metal warrior of mine, and hopefully yours… Basil.