Exclusive: Imbroglio Debut New Sleep Deprivation Track “December”

Grindy Syracuse experimentalists Imbroglio are one of our favorite young bands; Shane Mehling and Nick Green have already extolled their many virtues in the reviews section. So, we figured we should share some of the serration: sophomore album Sleep Deprivation‘s “December,” not to mention a suitably downtrodden explanation by guitarist/vocalist D.J. Gilbert. It’s our January 18 on The Path Less Traveled. Drink up the hate.
“December,” lyrically, is about the bad luck that comes with this special month. Some awful events have taken place these past couple of years, especially during this month. We feel like that’s when karma comes back to bite us in the ass for whatever we may have done in our past lives to deserve these kind of things. I am not going to say we’re perfect, but it’s definitely the time of the year where we all get the shit end of the stick.

Winter isn’t a fun season given where we are from. You can’t escape the gray gloominess, especially when the sun can’t even come out to brighten up your day. Or when Lake Ontario decides to drop five feet of lake-effect snow overnight. It makes us have a serious case of cabin fever. We don’t find it beautiful like everyone else does. Jaded and bitter is more of the attitude we have. Around here, in good ol’ upstate New York, you have one of two options… The first being to go south to Florida or a warmer climate, only to find that karma and death are still stalking you regardless of the weather condition. Or second, to stay in your home and completely shut yourself out from the world by being a loner and a hermit. It is only this time of the year that we all feel like there is a constant black cloud over our heads no matter where we go. So, we just sit and wait.

It took us almost a year and a half to finish writing this song. It has gone through so many different transitions, and when we finally finished it, it was about two months away from recording Sleep Deprivation. Musically, it is our gem. We hold this song very dear
to our hearts and it is definitely one of our favorites to play live.

08 December