Exclusive: Drugs of Faith Debuts Clip for “Grayed Out”

We have been begging Virginia’s Drugs of Faith to release a full-length for years. Seriously, the grinding, rocking, absolutely devastating trio, led by “The Grindfather” Richard Johnson (Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Enemy Soil), have put out just enough songs to keep us salivating while never giving us what we really want. But now Corroded, the band’s debut album, is finally here. And to celebrate we have the video for their first completely fucking killer single. A short interview was to follow, but for super secret reasons it’s been trimmed to a Q&A that’s about as long as a really good Napalm track.

Me- This is a a compelling clip but you’re not pushing a storyline or anything. It’s just three people playing in the studio. Was that an important way for you to present the song?

Richard- Yeah, we weren’t looking for the lyrical concept to be taken into consideration or use a concept from someone outside of the band. There’s no concept other than watch the band playing. I was really concerned about having an edit that was sympathetic to the song that was being played so I worked with the director a lot on that. So it looks like the person who edited it knew what was happening in certain parts so certain things were shown from this angle and so on. Often that’s never taken into account.

Me- And who filmed this for you?

Richard- Handshake Inc., the same guys who did the Fuck the Facts and Today is the Day movies. Dave Cardoso and another guy drove down from Canada. We went to my mom’s house, she made us dinner and we went to the studio and shot the whole thing. It took about three hours.

Me- Does that include the dinner?

Richard- No.