Marc Okubo (Veil Of Maya) Interviewed By Facebook & Twitter Users

Since we do more interviews than we ever care to admit (transcription is the devil!), we figured we’d open the journalistic kimono to our Facebook and Twitter friends/haters when the opportunity to interview Chicago tech-death specialists Veil of Maya presented itself.  We always ask the same damned questions. “When did you form?”, “Why did Johnny Dordevic play pan flute on Wolverine Blues?”, “What did you think of your last tour?”, “How is the scene in your country?”, “Why do you wear corpsepaint?” and so on.
It was refreshing change of pace to read your, our esteemed Facebook and Twitter liker/followers, questions. Who has ever asked any band where is the weirdest location to take a shit on tour. It’s got to be done, no doubt, but that question has never dawned on us. Awesome! And Gardetto’s?! We ate our way through so many bags of Gardetto’s in high school and college that we probably funded General Mills’s corporate jet collection. Turns out Marc Okubo, Veil of Maya’s accomplished six-stringer, has a favorite Gardetto. Who knew?!

Okubo answers your (and one of our deeply probing queries) questions most graciously. Read on Facebook and Twitter acolytes!

1. George III from Facebook: What is the weirdest location in which you’ve been forced to take a shit on tour?
Marc Okubo: One of our crew members (prefers to be unnamed) has taken shits outside in the bushes on a few occasions. The bathroom we were at yesterday looked like it came straight out of Saw.  Shitting is one of the worst parts of touring.

2. Sergio Sanabia from Facebook: Halo Reach or Black Ops?
Marc Okubo: I Love Halo Reach but I haven’t played Black Ops yet because I’ve been on tour the whole time it’s been out.  I usually prefer Call of Duty to Halo though.

3. Lance Peterson Eaglebauer from Facebook: How do you like being the only good band on your label?
Marc Okubo: I think all the bands on our label are good!  We are really fortunate to be associated with such acts.  We are probably the worst band on the label. [Smiles]

4. Andrew Johnson from Facebook: If you were a bar of soap, what kind would you be and why?
Marc Okubo: I like those gold bars of Dial a lot.  I don’t know why.

5. Bruiser Sludge from Faceook: Who the hell is Maya?
Marc Okubo: Maya is Sanskrit for the illusion that is our reality.

6. @SpinalTapdance from Twitter: Who the fuck are Veil Of Maya?

Marc Okubo: I don’t know but I hear they are hung like horses.

7. Jamil Naser from Facebook: Veil of Maya, what is your favorite Gardetto?
Marc Okubo: Rye chips all the way.

8. Ross Hodo from Facebook: What are your thoughts on Death’s Scream Bloody Gore?
Marc Okubo: Not my favorite Death album, but one of the most important metal releases of all time.  My favorite Death albums are Human and Individual Thought Patterns.

9. Dorian Rainwater from Facebook: What made you decide to name your band after a Cynic song title?
Marc Okubo: The phrase “Veil of Maya” has been around before any of the dudes in Cynic were born.  We thought the concept was interesting and would make a cool band name.  FYI. I’m still a huge Cynic fan.

10. @dbmagazine from Twitter: Baja Fresh, Qdoba, or Chipotle?
Marc Okubo: Chipotle for sure.

And since we got people in the highest of places, we have a streaming MP3 of Veil of Maya’s tech-savvy “Unbreakable”. Streaming, enjoy it, and try not to break grandma’s heirloom china in the process.


** Veil of Maya’s [id] album is out now on Sumerian Records. Order it here.