Behind the Moonless Curtain

Selected missives from Decibel writers on December 8th, 2010 discussing an upcoming column where we defend our shitty taste in music.

J. Bennett – I’d be happy to handle “Body Language” myself when the opportunity arises.

Adam Tepedelen- Is that Kylie’s “roundly maligned” album in her “otherwise decent catalog”? Which ones are the decent ones? 

Andrew Bonazelli- fever, x and aphrodite are all killer to various degrees you HEARTLESS ASSHOLE SHE’S A BREAST CANCER SURVIVOR AND STARRED IN BIO-DOME

Jeff Treppel- I can’t get behind Kylie; she’s too pre-manufactured and fake.  Her sister Dani is the troo artist in the family.

Anthony Bartkewicz- You guys keep hitting “Reply all” instead of “Reply false.”

Adrien Begrand- Post-2000 Kylie can do no wrong. Classiest pop star on the planet. Oh, and Aphrodite is killer.

Nick Green- Perhaps post-2000 Kylie could do a few things wrong:
 “Minogue’s foray into early ’80s electro [on Body Language] works well at times, but compared to the perfection of her previous album, it’s ultimately a mild disappointment, leaving you cold.” -Adrien Begrand, Pop Matters 3/17/04
I’m sorry, I had to be THAT asshole.

Adrien Begrand- Oh crap. Hindsight’s 20/20, that’s my excuse. Besides, “Slow” was an ace single.

Jonathan Horsley- Ah… one of the finest Australian exports. We had a spaniel named after Kylie (she got hit by a car), and I’m pretty sure she (the singer) was the target of my first impure thoughts, what with her cutting a most comely figure on the cover of the ‘I Should Be So Lucky’ 7-inch. She has a lot to answer for, though her gold shiny underwear is Hall Of Fame material.

J. Bennett- Body Language is far and away my favorite album of hers. The entire first half is nonstop hits.

Chris Dick- My girl loves the new Katy Perry album. Actually, I don’t mind it at all.
What do people think of:
1. A-Ha “Scoundrel Days”
2. Arcadia “So Red The Rose”
3. Paul Young “Secret of Association”

J. Bennett- I’m not familiar with Scoundrel Days, but I played A-ha’s “Take Me On” while I was DJing at the bar last night. Just about every lady in the place went cuckoo for it.  As did I.

Etan Rosenbloom- I used to do “Take On Me” with my cappella group in college, and I can confirm that I didn’t get laid once. But there were a lot of reasons for that. 

Adrien Begrand- I saw a-ha in 1986. Yep.
Never liked Take On Me, but the rest of that album is strong.

Chris Dick- Really?! That’s awesome! Actually, I think the “Take on Me” is a great song. The rest of the album is ambitious, but superbly uneven.

Rod Smith- The Blow Monkeys have served as both fuel and inspiration during all phases of some of my greatest long-term ops and some of my most nefarious–not to mention any number of sweet combos. But Cee Lo Green changed my life.

Chris Dick- Not to resurrect this A-Ha related thread but I’m going to… I already sent this to Jeanne. She thought it was rad.
The remaster is expensive but worth it.

Anthony Bartkewicz- UNSUBSCRIBE