Swiss Choir Competition Rocks Out

To make room for all the food you’re going to cram down your pie-hole in the coming days, consider this post to be your pre-Thanksgiving colon-blow. There’s a Swiss reality show “Kampf der Chöre” (“Clash Of The Choirs”), similar to NBC’s “The Sing-Off,” where famous Swiss musicians coach a choir and compete for international fame and fortune. Or something. After the jump, a performance of Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun” and an assessment of the whole craptacular spectacle.

Swiss cheesus, this is some “Glee”-type shit taken to the next level. Check out these crazy kids! In the “TNT” cover, they’re dressed like the Hives, dancing like Fosse, and no doubt that sprightly lead dude’s off-key singing could calcify Angus Young’s testicles. Fist pumps! Shoulder shimmies! Tight plaid pants! I feel a dump coming on.

And now we have Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun,” which is a actually good choice for a choral makeover. It just wasn’t a good choice for Team Gustav. But frankly, I’m not sure what would have been a good choice for Team Gustav. First off, what’s with the menstrual cramp dance? Or is it more of a gotta-poo shuffle? I liked how everyone collapsed and fist-pumped as a way to demonstrate their resilience. But ouch on the singing. I think I’m about to break into a poo-shuffle. Let the videos work their magic. Before long, your colon will have made room for the onslaught of Thanksgiving delicacies. Team Gustav says “You’re welcome.”