Heavy Metal is (Still) Back in Baghdad

After Acrassicauda left Iraq in 2003, there were no reported heavy metal shows for five years before Brutal Impact and Dog Faced Corpse played on the banks of the Tigris at a private dinner party. But that wasn’t exactly the start of metal Mondays in the still scary as all hell country as few have gone down in the interim. But a recent show by the completely solid thrash band Fatalogy, and another upcoming one by Dog Faced Corpse, illustrates that in a place which boasts thousands of perfect photos for your new crust 7″, metal refuses to die.

300 Iraqis showed up to lose their shit to originals and covers of “Slave New World” and “Seek and Destroy.” 300 people in Baghdad usually means a horrifying massacre but these men (and women) seriously did not give a fuck. It’s inspiring and we hope that two shows in a month is the beginning of a thriving new scene.

And unlike the jaded, bile-spewing internet critics from every country that can’t decide whether to go to the post-metal fest or deathcore showcase this weekend, spend just a minute or two being thankful. As old school guitar player and fan Ali Magsosi said, “The band was great and the band members did their best effort and it seems that they rehearse for long hours.” Why can’t you ever say something that nice?