Help Out Your Noiserock Community
If it weren’t for the website Reddit, the disgustingly successful Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear would have probably never happened. It’s a powerful place with a lot of dedicated members, some who happen to be real into noiserock. That’s why there’s a “Subreddit” where people post their favorite clips from bands like Dazzling Killmen, Rapeman, Boris, Naked City and Drive Like Jehu. Sure, sometimes the worst shit ever creeps in like iwrestledabearonce or sometimes it’s good but inappropriate like Pig Destroyer, but much of what gets put on there is stuff you may have never heard or haven’t heard in too long.

But the problem is that there just isn’t enough. Sure, the 88 videos available right now can send you down a feedback-lined rabbit hole for a few solid days but everyone knows you have better taste in music than some random internet chode who probably thinks Bodies For Strontium 90 was Craw’s best record (fucking sacrilege right there). So wouldn’t it be nice to impress the ladies/studs with your atonal expertise? The site is super easy to sign-up for and even easier to post videos. And once you’re done with that you can go look at math or tits or dicks or something. Just stop by and fuck some earholes.