Fear, Emptiness, Sarah Palin

We here at Decibel try to stay apolitical due to the fact that all stripes of metalheads should be welcomed into the fold to get their fucking faces torn to shreds by brutality. But a keen-eyed reader, W. Jaczkowski, sent us this screenshot with some un-apolitical words for the current mother of a girl who danced on national TV wearing a gorilla suit.

While Youtube has been glutted with political ads recently due to the midterms its hard to find a more odd coupling than British grindcore and heartland populist tea partying (and is that a 13 original colonies flag? Motherfucker lives in Alaska).

But while W. Jaczkowski mentions that the poignancy of the song, and probably the band themselves, are overshadowed by the self-righteous mug to the right, we honestly see it in reverse. If anything, this is one of the few times where anyone will ever get to see Sarah Palin posing as some sort of idealized future of America while the blasting soundtrack speaks of “Black Bible tyrants behind masks of righteousness” and vows to be “No slave to beliefs that propagate pain.” If Palin is truly a blight upon this society and this PAC ad is looking only to provide her with more blood meal to tear down this country than at least we have Barney Greenway right next to her thrashing about, taking our eyes off the charlatan and telling us that “Heaven lies in our hearts.”

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